Quality Control

Quality Control Laboratory for Emirates Blocks Factory started its operation along with the operations of the production plant. Subsequently the laboratory has been expanded considerably and established itself as one of the best equipped laboratories in its class in the region. Emirates Blocks Factory QC laboratory with its reliable testing schedule and accuracy, imparts timely advices to the production team to produce reliable and consistent products.

Emirates Blocks Factory QC Laboratory employs highly qualified and experienced professionals, skilled and trained technicians and applicators. It has the state-of-the-art equipment for the testing activities.

Since its inception the company was focusing on reliability, accuracy and efficiency to keep it's customer satisfied and to have an edge over its competitors. Sensing the importance the management has made the customer as an integral part of quality policy. The quality management system of the laboratory evolved through the years keeping in pace with the International developments in quality management system, standards and outlook. The system helps to organize its operations as processes where customer requirements are not overlooked at any stage of its operation and the efficiency is increased.